Tuesday 28 August 2012

Showing off an an Old English Tradition

Not sure when I'll be able to resume dropping and commenting folks. I am struggling with deadlines on a lengthy job and also trying to recover from a cough and sore chest inherited from that cold I caught. These combined are pretty exhausting.

But here's a pic I can share which I received from my daughter who went to a horse show  yesterday. Part of the entertainment   was a display by the huntsmen and their hounds.


aw said...

Reminds me of visiting a colleague whose family looked after hound pups. I envisaged something small and sweet so was somewhat overwhelmed by the enthusiastic welcome I received for one of them as he rested his paws on my shoulders...and yes, I was standing up at the time.

Unknown said...

Gosh Ann. I don't think I'd expect that either.

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