Friday 21 September 2012

I'm still creeping towards payout at Helium. Only $1.80 to go, so it shouldn't be long now. Every time I post an excerpt  here, I get page clicks that add up, so I'm really grateful; to all of you. Here's a rather more personal account of a holiday adventure.
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My husband and I celebrated his last birthday at the top of a mountain. For his present, I'd treated him to a holiday in Majorca. We knew the island quite well as we'd been to stay in a friend's apartment several times before. Each time we'd hired a car and had often driven past the 822 metre high mountain, and seen the castle - Castell d'Alaro - seemingly growing out of its summit.
But we'd never discussed the idea of climbing to the top. I don't suppose he'd imagined it had even crossed my mind.
In fact, I'd done my homework and I knew that you could walk to the top from two sides, either from the town of Alaro or from the road to the village of Orient, well known as a walking centre on the island. Of course you could go up from one side and back to the other. But then you'd have a long trek back over or around to get back to your car.
It was only March but the birthday was blessed with sunshine and just a few clouds that were whisked along by a light breeze - perfect weather for what I had in mind. I packed a generous picnic in our rucksacks, with our light rain wear just in case. And we set off on the mystery tour. As usual, he was driving and I was navigating - both of us doing what we do best.

I'd chosen to go up the side that was the shortest walk so I directed him to turn off the road we knew at the signpost to the castle. That way, you can drive a fair way up the lower slopes to the final car park where the two paths converge. This is at Es Verger, a popular farmhouse restaurant famous for its succulent roast lamb cooked traditionally in a wood-fired oven.  

At that point, I guess the birthday boy might have thought he was just getting a slap up lunch, although it was bit early for that. But no, it was into our rucksacks and best foot forward.

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