Tuesday 18 September 2012

Wedding Weekend

Last Friday I ran out of steam and only got to draft one of the three articles scheduled for the day. That meant I had to work the weekend to get the other two done for the Monday deadline. But I did one on Saturday morning and the other on Sunday afternoon. In between was FUN.

Jade went to the dog minder and had her fun with Charlie, the springer spaniel, while hubby and I headed for Shaftesbury (of Gold Hill fame – see my pic) for an evening wedding reception. Our friends who own a pub had invited all their mates there to help them celebrate their wedding earlier in the day. By all accounts that had been a relatively quiet affair, but no so the evening. We had such a good time catching up with a number of old friends as well as the happy couple.

At the civilised hour of 9.30 pm we all filed out into the pub garden for a spectacular firework display, after which I stumbled back into the bar through the skittle alley where the disco lights were flashing as the DJ worked his magic with them and the music. I was stumbling because the fresh air had reminded me how many times my glass had been refilled.

Much later there was the B&B. I’d selected it from the internet a couple of months before because it was only about 50 yards from the pub and we were lucky enough to secure the best of its two en-suite rooms. And lucky is the word because it was fabulous. In a converted chapel, it’s not been open long but is definitely the best I’ve ever experienced – five star luxury.

Before we drove home the next day, we went to the farm shop at Stourhead to buy some of their steak. We’ve been missing it since we moved south, and dining on that in the evening was like the icing on the cake of our lovely weekend.


Paola said...

What a lovely street shot! And it sounds like you hadca un weekend!

Linda D said...

Refilled glasses and 5 star B&B? Sounds perfect!

Unknown said...

Thanks Paola and Linda. I've decided to write a review of The Old Chapel where we stayed. The owners are quite new at the game but they really pulled out all the stops.

Paola said...

Oops, sorry, my last comment came out a bit garbled! I find the iPad a bit fiddly...

Unknown said...

Don't worry Paola. I'm pretty sure I knew what you meant.

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