Sunday 14 October 2012

Beach Walk and Grooming Day

It's been a gorgeous day here today, much like it is in this photo. We started our walk from the far end of this  promenade this afternoon. We didn't get this far, or anywhere near. The beach and the prom is several miles long.

I took Jade on the beach and down to the sea while hubby stayed on the paved walkway. Jade was busily dashing back and forth between us to make sure we were both still there. It was such a lovely day the area was packed with people and dogs since from October 1st, dogs are allowed to roam the beach as long as they are supervised by their owners. Jade kept stopping to make friends and progress was slow. Eventually we left the beach to walk up a small chine and along to the top of Canford Cliffs where we could look down on all the action below before descending another path and going back to our car.

At home I decided to trim the fur on her paws before giving Jade her monthly shower. She's not keen but she tolerates it once I have carried her into the shower cubicle. Afterwards she does look sorry for herself and I get really reproachful looks from her. I have to get partially undressed myself to avoid getting all my clothes wet in there, so after I've used the first towels on her, I drape another over her and let  her walk out to hubby who gives her another rub down while I am getting dry and dressed and tidying up. Then I get going with the hair drier while she sits patiently - she knows that such a good dog will soon get treats.

Then it was time to start cooking my roastie, so needless to say, I didn't get very much of my writing work done today.


Anonymous said...

It was a beautiful day here too, Jean, with the first early morning frost. We crossed the road and walked along the canal bank to see the swan family, the young ones are almost fully grown but still brown. Today it has returned to cloud and damp.

Unknown said...

we were lucky again this afternoon, Jeanne, as we walked along the banks of Holes Bay (nature reserve that is the most northern part of Poole harbour) in sunshine. Only a short walk as I had to get back to my office fairly quickly, but we all enjoyed it before it got very showery later.

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