Thursday 11 October 2012

My Life, by Jade: Family Visiting

I'm back home with mummy and daddy and Sye after a very long drive from Eryn and her mummy's house. I'm very good in the car when mummy is driving and I just lie on my towel and blanket on the back seat, except when she has to stop quickly and I fall off. I just give her a sad look when she has stopped and turns around to see if I'm alright. But I can soon jump back up on the seat again and settle down.

Most of the time I like being in Eryn's house. I love playing with Eryn and her friends. I like Eryn's mummy too but I'm not too sure about her because she is always telling the children what to do and sometimes she sounds a bit cross.  As well as Eryn, she looks after other children too, even little toddlers. I have my bed under the table so I can rest away from them when they are curious about me and want to prod me all over. Mummy said she's very proud of me for being so good with them.

Eryn's mummy did cook some lovely chicken the other day and saved some for me, which was very nice.  She takes my mummy out a lot without me, which is not so nice, although I do get a nice rest when they are out. And it's just wonderful when they come back, and I let them know by jumping all over them. 

One of the children left a dressing up scarf on the floor one day, and when no-one was there I had  a good time pretending it was a squirrel I managed to catch, before I got too tired to play any more and left it in the middle of the rug. If I had remembered to put it back where I found it, they'd never have known I played with it.

One thing I do like when I'm there is that mummy spends a lot more time sitting on the sofa and I can jump up and snuggle with her much more than I can at home when she is so busy. She said we're off on another holiday next week so I hope that is the same.

And tonight it's going to be good to be able to sleep in my bigger bed again.


Linda D said...

No time to get bored then, Jade?

Unknown said...

I'm never bored Linda. If there's nothing to do I catch up on some sleep.

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