Thursday 10 October 2013

Changes on the Way

It’s hard to believe it’s a week since I managed to post here. In my defence, it has been manic, and I must have overdone things a bit because that’s when I get migraine attacks. This week they were pretty rough. On Tuesday I had to retire to bed in the early evening, but yesterday it was before lunchtime  and it was after five before I could pull myself out and back downstairs to bung some fish in the oven with some oven chips.

A couple of times last week and all weekend hubby and I were working at the flat my son is going to move into tomorrow, which is on the other side of Bournemouth, some nine miles away. On Saturday, I left Jade with the dog minder, but we took her with us on Sunday, and I left hubby struggling with a shower surround while Jade and I walked to the nearby cliff-top and joined other promenaders in the glorious sunshine.

The views there are fantastic, with Hengistbury Head jutting into the sea to the left, and beyond that The Needles of the Isle of Wight in the distance. Below the cliffs is Boscombe beach and Pier, and looking to the right, Bournemouth beach stretches away to Poole and Sandbanks with the Purbeck hills in the background, then Studland merges into white cliffs and the Old Harry Rocks.

This pic by Trish Smith
is of Boscombe pier with Hengistbury Head visible through the arch.
The black shape behind the headland is the Isle of Wight.

It was something of an anti-climax to go back to the flat and get stuck in to cleaning out a fridge freezer that had been left in a sick-making state by the last tenant. Hubby and I had some cause to regret the deal my son had struck with the landlord to do the cleaning and repairs in return for his tenancy and rent payments starting two weeks late. We were doing most of it because he then had to work all week and go and help his girlfriend prepare to move down from London at the weekend.  Moving day is tomorrow and this evening he has already gone, to get an early start by staying overnight with the friend who is going to help with the DIY move. His things are still here, but they can be collected gradually in the next week or so.

Of course, I’ve had all my own work to fit in as well, hence the migraines, which haven’t helped. But now I can look forward to an easier time, with less laundry and cleaning, shopping, cooking and packed lunch making. I’m just praying that nothing goes wrong for the pair of them and they can make a good life together. At least they will be near enough for easy visits, and perhaps I can get them to dog-sit sometimes.


Jenny Woolf said...

Migraine is miserable. Have you considered going to the National Migraine centre?
They're a specialist clinic run outside the NHS by NHS doctors - not profit making. The medics there are all fascinated by the topic and are doing research into it too.

Linda D said...

Poor you! Hope your son appreciates all your work and will repay the favour when he's settled in. Enjoy a little 'me' time now!

Sharkbytes said...

Adult kids still demand a lot of our time and energy sometimes. Hope it all works out.

Unknown said...

Gosh, Jean, what a time you've had. I hope that by now your migraines are well over. You've certainly been an excellent example of stability and reliability to Writelinkers. You've 'hung in there', regardless of a seeming drastic reduction of members.

I trust that by now your son has moved into the flat and started to get things organised. How lovely for you to have him living closer to you than before. Having an almost 'built-in' dog-sitter is the cherry on the top!

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny - thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

Unknown said...

Hi Patricia

Thanks for your visit and comment. Sadly WL is pretty stagnant just now and I don't have time for the Arena. But I like to check in now and then to see what people are up to.

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