Monday 14 October 2013

Sponsoring a Good Cause

pic by Editor5807 at Wikimedia Commons

What follows is a copy of part of an email I received from a friend. Their son wanted to support the charity and has succeeded in swimming across the body of water from the UK mainland to the Isle of Wight, that we call the Solent. I've crossed that by ferry a few times and it has taken around half an hour, so it's quite a swim. The photo above was taken from Cowes on the island looking back at the mainland so you can get a vague idea of the distance.

The swim was done together with a mate who is chairman of the Norfolk branch of the charity. I have made a small donation to recognise their achievement and wondered if any of you would like to join me

"A charity called Surf Life Savers (SLS) is run by volunteers who give up their time to save swimmers, kite surfers, and wind surfers  lives. They dovetail with the RLNI who do a great job but only  provide life guards during the summer. SLS provide this during much of the rest of the year.

Recently one of their volunteers was off duty walking his dog in the early morning along the coastal path when he noticed a swimmer was in trouble. The swimmer was a middle aged man who was having a heart attack. The volunteer tied up his dog and jumped in to save him. He managed to get the man back to shore and called for emergency services. Our life saver was only 11 years old.

SLS focus on training hundreds of young people as well as adults to  give them a purpose and learn discipline and skills that are invaluable throughout their lives. It relies totally on charity and all funds go into equipment, training and the clubhouse."

If you would like to support this great charity then please do so on this link.

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