Friday 17 January 2014

Holidays to Come

I've lived in a number of locations in the south of England, and tried to get the best out of all of them. Now I love living in Poole, but believe I'll always think of Torquay as home. It's where I was born and brought up and I have to get back there at some point each year.

This year, when the schools break up in July I'm going to share a holiday house with my daughter, granddaughter and friends who often come along on our breaks. Hubby may come for part of the week as well.  It's a dog friendly one so we may take one or both dogs.

We've been trawling the internet for suitable properties and finally decided on one today. Normally I'd just stay with my sister who still lives there, but she's not too well and I don't want to give her extra work. She and bro-in-law can come and have some meals with us this year. It's something to look forward to, as well as my short break in Venice at the end of March, which is to be a birthday treat. Aren't I the lucky one?


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

You do get around. And it all sounds very exotic to me.

Unknown said...

Hi Joan. I could say the same about you. Although your travels seem to be all in the US, I'm sure you cover more miles than I do. Venice is certainly exotic. It will be one to cross off my bucket list.

Paola said...

oh Venice in March will be just lovely...not too hot, not too touristy...

Unknown said...

Thank you Paola. I've left you a Facebook message about this.

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