Monday 6 January 2014

My Life by Jade: Showers

I’m not very happy right now. The weather has been so wet with storms and showers that some days I haven’t even felt like going out for our afternoon walks. Yesterday I refused to get down from my cosy spot on the sofa and my family just went to the shops without me. A bit later on, when the rain had mostly stopped, I did have to go out but it was just round the block with mummy so I could do what I had to on the grass verges.

Today we did go to the park after lunch and it wasn’t raining but it was so windy mummy and I nearly got blown over, and we could see the sea spray coming up over the promenade so we didn’t go that way. The grass was all squelchy and muddy and just too tempting, so I hung back and my family didn’t see me lie down and roll until they turned around to look for me and see what I was up to.

 Well! You’d have thought I was a real criminal, the way they treated me after that. At home I was bundled into the shower to get wet all over again, and mummy scrubbed me and rinsed me and then did it all over again. Then I got scrubbed with towels and had hot air blown all over me, while mummy complained that she should really be getting on with her work.

Eventually she tucked me into my bed with yet another towel round me, but my ears are definitely still wet and uncomfortable. Why she couldn’t just brush the mud off when it dried, I’ll never know. I can’t believe they don’t like the way I smell.


Jenny Woolf said...

Rain! not sure who likes it really - except ducks of course! :)

Sharkbytes said...

Yes, I'm sure you had the exact set of smells you were hoping for all collected. Too bad humans just don't seem to agree.

Unknown said...

Hi Jenny - we do get ducks in the harbour reaches. Too rough for them in the park area that day though.

Unknown said...

Joan - don't worry. It won't take long for me to collect more smells.

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