Monday 9 June 2014


These elegant spikes of bright pink flower bells are doing well in our local area this year. On Saturday we parked at a view point on our nearby holiday park and walked down to Ham Common which is just above the beach in Poole Harbour. We saw lots of foxgloves dotted around, but I hadn't taken my camera so I couldn't photograph them.

Today I did take the camera on our walk and spotted these just off the path leading to Creekmoor Ponds. We always walk there before going to the pet shop for biscuits and treats for Jade. I was hoping also to take pictures of the ponds and their wildlife, but that didn't happen as the battery went dead. I guess one day I'll get it all right.


Jenny Woolf said...

Foxgloves are so decorative when you come across them unexpectedly... I suppose because they are so tall and striking. They're beautiful close up too.

Unknown said...

They are lovely, Jenny, and so abundant this year.

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