Wednesday 11 June 2014

My Life - by Jade: Being Rather Naughty

When we came back from the park this morning, silly Mummy didn't fasten the gate to the back of the house properly when she went to water the pots at the front. I sneaked out when she wasn't looking and went to say hello to Kitty, the cat from next door. Usually she likes to give me a kiss and then lies down and pats me with her paws. But today she decided to run away, and then there was no stopping me. we went  round and round our front garden and the two next to us. I was enjoying it so much that I didn't hear Mummy calling me back. I don't think she realised just how much fun it was.

But then along came Leo, the border terrier from round the corner. He was with his Mummy who had him on a lead.  Of course I had to go and say hello to them and then I was caught. Leo's Mummy held my collar until my Mummy arrived. I didn't mind really. I like Leo's Mummy as she always gives me cuddles and talks to me when we meet her in the park. Anyway I'd forgotten about Kitty. Mummy was cross though and she put me through the gate and closed it firmly. She had to go and pick up the pot I had knocked over in our neighbour's garden, and she said it was lucky I hadn't done any more damage.

After that I was ready for a nap. I love the big, soft tiger bed I got a few weeks ago.

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