Monday 4 May 2015

Coming Down from the Clouds

After that last wonderful weekend it was back to my projects at home. Tuesday afternoon saw my new glass splashback installed to protect the new sofa which arrived the next morning. With the newly painted walls and the new curtains and blinds, it all looks very swish. When I get some colour coordinated cushions it'll be even better.

Of course the rest of the place is in chaos. The sofa and dining table are now rather squashed so the next thing to go will be the sideboard, so the table can go further away from the sofa. The sideboard cupboards and drawers had been taken over by my hubby. I'd been putting off sorting all that because it is a mess - he had a habit of pushing things into it and then forgetting them for ever. I've made a big hole in the sorting now, and when I've finished I'll clean it up and probably offer it to a local charity.

The  breakfast bar that used to sit where the sofa is now, is to be installed in my new study alcove to act as a long desk and shelf. I'm expecting that job to be started by a friend on Thursday. So the reorganisation is coming along in fits and starts.

But the real worry at the moment is Jade, who is now very lame. we don't have a proper diagnosis for tor her problem as yet, but I have an appointment for her at a specialist vet to do an assessment next Monday. This is at Ringwood so it'll be almost a full day out. I do hope they can find out what is causing it so that it can be treated. It will also be very expensive but they are going to claim it on my insurance. I'm so glad now that I took out one of the best ones. I had been thinking it was a lot of money to pay out every year, but now I realise it was well worth it. Just a MRI scan would make a big hole in my meagre savings, which are already being depleted by the house makeover.

It's been a lonely week too. Jade and I have been on our own in the house and not seen many people to talk to on our short forays outside. Long treks are out of the question while Jade clearly finds it so painful to walk. How people used to manage without telephones I just can't remember, although we didn't always have one in our house when I was a child.


Jenny Woolf said...

I hope Jade can be diagnosed and treated soon.

Betty Boop14 said...

Yes life is full of ups and downs but when your pet is ill it seems all down.
I do hope you can get it sorted soon, as you say, "thank goodness for the insurance"
I wish I was closer to offer some of the comfort you have given me in the past.

Sharkbytes said...

So sorry to hear that Jade is not feeling well. Hope they can figure it out. Your house is looking great!

Unknown said...

Thank you,Jenny, Betty and Joan,for your good wishes for Jade.

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