Monday 11 May 2015

Jade is in Doggie Hospital

Today I took Jade to the specialist vet she was referred to, and I decided to leave her overnight as they didn't have time to complete all the tests and scans today. I could have taken her home and come back in the morning, but I'd have had to punch through all the peak time traffic to get her there by 8 am, so this is easier for me. Apparently she is getting lots of fuss made of her and is making lots of friends, but I worry about whether she will eat for them as she is a fussy eater. I had to starve her this morning and she won't be able to eat again after midnight, but I suppose a couple of days won't hurt too much.

I'm not feeling too good myself actually - another reason for not bringing Jade home and having to get up at the crack of dawn. Rather nasty cold symptoms with painful throat and neck. Making me very tired as well so I hope I can stop worrying about Jade, get an early night and have a good sleep.

I expect a call in the morning to give me an update and be able to collect her when she has recovered from the anaesthetic in the afternoon. Looking forward to the welcome I'll get then and praying for her in the meantime.


Lesley said...

Do hope all will be well with Jade Jinny and that you will feel better soon too. Lots of love and a big cuddle for Jade tomorrow.
Lesley xxx

Sharkbytes said...

Hope they can find out what Jade needs. She's such a beauty.

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