Saturday 4 June 2016

A Quiet Week!

I was expecting a quiet week as daughter and granddaughter have been away, so it was just me and the dogs living here. In fact it was pretty busy. Saturday saw me meeting my friend, Kim, at the doggie fundraising bazaar. It was buzzing with dogs. You can see pics of many of them, including my two and Kim's two here. Just scroll down and click on the album of the PPAR May Bazaar. Go through the pics and you'll find one with four dogs in it. That's Kim with our lot. They have individual mugshots too.

Sunday saw me out for a carvery roastie with my son and his girl. On Monday I was invited to a meal at a friend's house in Bournemouth. The dogs came too and were a great hit with the family there - all except the cats, who kept well out of the way. They obligingly posed for a photoshoot.

I bought my pal Mo home after that and she spent three days here in which we walked the dogs, shopped for clothes and food, visited a garden centre, chilled out and drank prosecco. I was the head cook and she was the bottle washer.  We also had my son here for a couple of nights and he had to be catered for too.

The week flew past and everyone is now back to normal but we are expecting more guests in an hour or so, I thought I'd better catch up with a blog post while I have a chance.

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Jenny Woolf said...

What a social whirl! I hope you are enjoying it- it sounds as if you are! And a lovely pic of the dogs.

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