Tuesday 14 June 2016

A Walk to George's Seat

It's 1.30 am and I can't get to sleep so thought I would get up and write a post to see if the activity helps.

Today I took the dogs to George's seat. It's next to where we scattered his ashes so I call it his seat. I go and sit on it sometimes and feel close to him again for a little while. To get to it, I drive to the viewpoint car park which is inside Rockley Park, a holiday park full of mobile homes. From the viewpoint, there are several footpaths over Ham Common and down to Rockley Beach. The seat is off one of these at the edge of the cliff. The dogs are oblivious to my ruminations. They mooch around sniffing and wait for me to get up and resume our walk.

The common is lush at the moment and threatens to overwhelm the path with its fast growing vegetation. The foxgloves are out again, and on the steps we take to get back up to the car park, 

I spotted some little dog roses peeping out from all the greenery at the side. I had to stop for a bit at another seat once we were at the top and watched a brave magpie that stood its ground as Rafi found a piece of wood to gnaw quite near to him and Jade chewed on the grass.

It's funny how the dogs seem to be slower when they go out with me. They don't run around like my daughter says they do when out with her. I guess they pick up on our energy levels and follow suit.

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