Friday 5 August 2016

My Latest Kiva Loan

I sold an article at Constant Content (CC) this morning. I don't get many sales now, probably because I don't add much to my portfolio there these days. Being semi-retired, I just write my 6 commissioned pieces a month and then perhaps one on spec for CC. Anyway it's always good to get a sale. This was one that I wrote in June about listening skills. It sold for usage rights which means it can be used once and I retain the copyright, so it still sits in my portfolio and is still for sale.

When I do get a sale I like to make another loan in I've usually had some repayments there so I have some credit with them which I can top up from my earnings. It only costs me a few dollars, plus a small donation so it's an easy way to help someone out.

Today it was Fatima who lives in Bethlehem. she works part-time and goes to university, working for a BA. Since I was a mature student myself, and aged 38 when I got my degree without having to pay, I have always been interested in women's education and was a board member of a college I attended for many years. It is good to be able to help another woman to fund her university fees.


Jenny Woolf said...

I haven't heard of Kiva. I will check it out.i put money into something called which is mainly third world, kind of like crowdfunding .

Paola said...

What a wonderful idea, Jean.

Linda D said...

Well done, for the sale and for helping someone else.
I use Lend with care like Jenny, it provides loans to people who are trying to help themselves by running small businesses. So far, everyone I've lent to has been able to make the repayments on their loans so it's a successful scheme for all concerned.

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