Sunday 4 September 2016

A Week to Remember

I've had quite a week again. In between gallivanting I've been meeting article deadlines.

Wednesday we took the boat from Poole Quay across the harbour and up the River Frome to Wareham Quay. It was another tick on my bucket list and well worth being on it. On the way out we sat on the top deck to see all that was going on around us. It was pretty windy.

Once we reached the river, we saw some intrepid swimmers making their way down the river to the harbour.

We picnicked on the river bank before reboarding our vessel for the return journey. Coming back we chose to sit lower and aft so we could turn around and dangle our feet over the water.

It was a truly memorable day shared with some of my family and friends. Then the next day I had a quiet lunch harbourside at Salterns Hotel with my daughter after walking the dogs. Dogs are allowed in the courtyard at the back.

Friday was singing group again. The weekend was busy too. More of that to come.

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