Monday, 19 January 2009

The EC Drop Police

This image is from Wikimedia Commons.

I didn’t get all my return EC drops done yesterday.. I’d been having a rare day of feeling unwell and in pain. (Think, hope, it’s just age and IBS and nothing more serious). I tried to soldier on, but when hubby said, “Don’t worry about cooking anything. If you don’t want to eat, I’ll get a takeaway”, I took myself off to bed. I felt chilled to the bone and wrapped myself up in rather more than my usual sleeveless jammy top and knickers, adding jammy trousers and a short summer dressing gown before burrowing under the duvet.

I slept a bit and woke a few times. Around 11 pm I woke again and found hubby beside me. I realised I was feeling warm and cosy and with pain considerably subsided, but with my body clock telling me I’ve had my seven hours and it’s time to be awake. Then I remembered my dream.

It was about soldier bloggers with rifles, except for one who had no weapon and was hiding behind a kindly one who was trying to shelter him from the others. They were gesticulating dangerously with the rifles and muttering about the one who was hiding. The muttering got louder and one of them shouted, “Come out and do your EC dropping, you lazy blighter”. It was very frightening.

So what would you have done? I went to the loo, got a drink of water and headed for the office to carry on dropping. I got through all my favourites before I felt sleepy again.

Now I’m thinking about one of those ‘what if’ scenarios. What if Entrecard has recruited drop police to find the people who haven’t finished their daily drops and send threatening messages into their dreams?


Jane Doe said...

OMG that is hilarious!! You must be a drop addict like me if you dream about dropping. lol

Francis Scudellari said...

You can definitely take a break from dropping on me when you're not feeling well... I won't send the police out after you :). I hope you're feeling better.

Jena Isle said...

he he he, Jean .I was laughing while reading this. Don't worry about your drops. Do them in your own sweet time. Happy dropping.

Geri Ohara said...

LOL Aww you must be a passionate dropper

Dutchie said...

Consider dreams as an illogical part from our brain - scenes r rearranged in dark slumber - ergo, u can't expect it to be snappy clear n logical *wink*

My hubby likes to proclaim that he slept well bec "I hv a bad memory n a good conscience" - now, if that doesnt says it all *erham*

Having some warm chicken soup (my fave is Campbell cream-of-chicken) would go a long way in restoring ur health inbalance. Pls don't go to bed with an empty stomach ! It just never occur to most men to think of that, doesnt it *sigh*

Take care.

jakill said...

Thanks for comments. I hoped this would raise a chuckle.

Jane - I fear losing sight of blogs I like if I don't return dops. I've started putting them in my favourites but that could end up being ridiculous.

Francis - thank you. I am better now.

Jena - thanks to you too.

Geri - I guess so

Dutchie - thanks for the tip.

Stacey Kimmel-Smith said...

I lost a day of drops myself -- bronchitis/flu, but on the mend now. Hope you're feeling better!

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