Saturday, 10 January 2009

Oh, Christmas Tree

I decided on a small tree for Christmas this year and bought one growing in a pot. During the time it was decorated and indoors, I watered it a few times and it didn’t drop any needles as they do when they are cut.

On January 5th, before twelth night, all the decorations were packed away and my little tree was put outside into its natural environment. That’s when I noticed how much it had enjoyed the warmth of indoors. Look at the pictures and you’ll see that it has grown and developed. All those light green extensions were not there when I bought it.

I’m feeling some maternal affection for my little tree and am planning to look after it. Rather than plant it in the ground, I’ll repot it into a giant container to give it more room to develop. Then it can easily go with us when we move this year. (Notice I said when, not if.)

Hopefully it should survive the extremes of temperature it has experienced. I took the photos on an afternoon when we’d had a little sun to chase the frost away, but it has been bitterly cold here.
And we won’t have to fork out cash for another Christmas tree next year.


Mea Culpa Bath and Body said...

I always feel bad when I see cut down trees for sale to use only as a decoration for Christmas...what happens to it after the people are done with it?

You are doing something good here....I smiled a big smile when I read this :-)

Jena Isle said...

Yes, Jean and by then it would have grown into a big tree for Christmas,.wow..from a teeny weeny christmas tree to a big tall one next christmas. Isn't life wonderful? And you're moving, good luck.

jakill said...

MCB&B - Thanks for your comment. Around here we can take our cut trees for chipping and recycling, but I agree it is sad that they are cut down in their youth.

Jena - well, I still haven't sold the house, but I'm trying to be positive about that. And definitely intending to move this year.

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