Friday, 2 January 2009

Photo Inspiration

Some days, when I am scheduled to post here, I can't think what to write about. To avoid an absolute panic, I go to the photos I have on my computer and look for inspiration. Today was one of those days. And just look what I found.

Sam was a wonderful dog. I still tear up when I see this picture, though we lost him to cancer about 14 years ago. We've never tried to replace him as we found the ending just too painful to invite it voluntarily again. Maybe when we finally get to move to the seaside will be the time.

Meanwhile, I just try to remember all the really good times we had together. When he first arrived, he fitted easily in my cupped hands. He lived with our family, which included a cat, for eight years.

He tried to play with the cat and my daughter was horrified one day when she saw him with her head in his mouth. He was gentle though and didn't hurt her, but she was older and she knew how to put him in his place. Once I watched her walk along his back from one arm of the armchair he was lying in to the other. He just opened one eye, cocked an ear and whispered a growl. Hubby said he often came down early in the morning and found them snuggled together for warmth. They used then to jump apart as though they were illicit lovers and didn't want us to know.

Sam also liked to sit on my lap when we were relaxing. Often the cat would come and sit above him on my stomach and gradually he'd be pushed further towards my knees until he fell off and she had pride of place. It was quite comical. There is nothing quite as stress busting as relaxing with pets.

Isn't he just beautiful?


jenaisle said...

Yes he is, and what warm memories. I have lots of dog pictures too from the holidays as son tended to several breeds . I will post them later and link up with yours and Eric's, lol..

God bless.

Writing Nag said...

sorry for your loss, he is beautiful. I do the same thing look for inspiration in my photos. Lovely dog and memories.


What a cute, cute dog! Animals always bring inspiration and joy to our souls. I am sorry he is gone-I know how it feels but we were lucky to have had them I suppose. Just wish it did not hurt so much when they leave.

Sharkbytes (TM) said...

There is often one extra special dog. Mine was Chips... gone 9 years now. But you could meet Maggie at

jakill said...

Jena - Thanks. Look forward to seeing your pics.

Writing Nag - Thanks you.

Health Nut - Thank you for pointing out how lucky we were

Sharkbytes - Thank you as well. I'll be hopping over there shortly to take a look.

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