Wednesday, 14 January 2009


This pic is of a rooftop decoration on Shaftesbury Abbey. I'm afraid it's a bit unfocused but I took it a few years ago with my old compact camera. And I guess my pic taking skills are not that good.

Shaftesbury is only a few miles from where I now live, and the Abbey is a great place to visit. It's mostly a garden planted over the ruins of the former buildings. The ones that still have a roof form a museum and some storage areas.

I took this roof photo from the pathway outside, which is called Park Walk and has the most wonderful views if you look away from the Abbey. Cue for another pic, I think.

At some point, I must write about the Abbey and its history. There are fascinating connections to a couple of Britain's monarchs. When I get to it, I'll report here. In the meantime enjoy some of the scenes of summer that keep us going through the bleak winter months.


The Fearless Blog said...

Beautiful scenary! I love green... green trees, leaves, mountains, gardens and pastures...
I feel immense peace and tranquility when I experience such magnificient views. If I can't be there, a photograph will do just fine. Thank you for sharing.

Jena Isle said...

It has a peaceful and calming effect. I have a question Jean, do you always find winter bleak? We most often describe it as one of my aha moments. Happy blogging.

Geri Ohara said...

really interesting photo & some lovely scenery

jodapoet said...

Park walk looks beautiful and the rooftop decor is very interesting. The photos are great.

tashabud said...

I came here through Jena Isle's blog. Your photos are perfect to me. If you see the pics I've taken from inside moving vehicles, they're nowhere close to the quality of your photos.


jakill said...

Thank you, Fearless Bear!

Jena - thanks also. Most days in winter where I live are gloomy and bleak, damp and drippy. It's necessary to have lights switched on in the house. It rains quite a lot too. A dry wind is exhilarating, and if the sun comes out it brightens everything. But it's usually hiding behind clouds at this time of the year.

Than you also, Geri O, jodapoet and tashabud.

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