Tuesday 25 August 2009

Cons and Pros of our Move

I am really slipping here. Just can’t get back into my blogging routine. So sorry. It doesn’t help that things keep going wrong in our new house. It took nearly five weeks to get back online, then yesterday the landline went down. For once BT got it fixed pretty quickly but then my broadband wouldn’t work. According to my service provider, there was something on the BT line that was blocking it, so they had to contact BT about it. Fortunately it’s back again today.

Meanwhile the house is running away with our cash. We’ve found dodgy electrics and dodgy plumbing, a toilet that’s so squashed in it’s almost impossible to sit on, steps in the garden that are just a pile of loose bricks with paving stones parked on top. All the paving in the patios are rocky and one had a deep hole underneath that could have been a disaster for someone. I can’t believe we didn’t notice any of these things before we bought it. I knew we had a lot to do but it’s doubled or tripled since the move.

But the cloud has a silver lining: lots of lovely walks by the sea.

Next time I’ll take my camera so I can show you some of our views.


Joanne Olivieri said...

It's difficult but just be patient and take one thing at a time. It will all work out. I would love to see pics.

Jude said...

Sometimes we only see what we want to see because location and dreams of living where we want cover up the imperfections.Love to sea photos of your ideal location.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comments, folks. The last two days have been for floor laying. It's all going to look great. And next week I'll take some pics.

david said...

Jean - I can't wait to see the pictures - the house will work out soon enough. I am sure you know that. .

Unknown said...

Thank you David. Yes, we're getting there.

Jena Isle said...


I hope everything is okay with your new abode. Good luck and all the best.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jena. It's going to be great. It will just take a while to get it all organised.

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