Sunday 30 August 2009

Getting on with the House

I have a new floor! And I have a new sofa. All right, I know the door is still off its hinges. Well, not now, but it was when I took the photo.

Hubby's brother came to lay the floor, and it was a pig to do, even though he was a professional floor layer, now retired. I am so grateful. He is a lovely man. It took the two of them more than two days to get it done, all 24 square metres of it, out to the front door.

Here they are hard at it.


Joanne Olivieri said...

That sofa looks so comfy. Isn't it great to have everything new?

Census said...

It looks great Jean. They did a terrific job!!

Unknown said...

Joanne - you are right. I must make the most of it while it is all so pristine.

Cen - thank you. They certainly did.

Dori said...

It all looks great...very comfy indeed :)

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