Sunday 16 August 2009

Swiss Holiday Wish List

I’ve been doing a bit of wishful thinking about holidays again. Don’t laugh. I know I’ve only just got into my new house and I’m thinking of getting away from it already. But whatever your circumstances, it’s always good to have something different to look forward to.

Anyway, I was invited to visit a website that tells you all sorts of things you can do in Switzerland. I’ve made a few forays just inside the country when I stayed with my nephew when he lived in Germany near the black Forest which is just over the Rhine border with Switzerland.

Looking at this website made me curious about the rest of it. It’s a country with three languages – German, Italian and French – and other cultural influences from those three neighbouring countries. But I’m aware of its own reputation for being squeaky clean, having great health clinics, useful bank accounts for stashing cash you don’t want others to know about, beautiful scenery and great skiing.

Then when I looked at the “pearls” of Switzerland ion the site, I found loads of tempting activities I’d never heard of before.

I’d love to visit the Hotel Chesa Rosatsch beside the river in Celerina, and listen to the local tales told to guests as they partake of a cheese fondue meal around the hotel’s open fire.

And I wouldn’t mind saddling my own COW for a three hour ride through the wonderful countryside around the Bolderhof at Hemishofen. I’m not sure how challenging it would be, but it would certainly be quite a change from the horse riding I used to love to do at home.

If I went to Zurich with hubby, we could take in a day’s fishing on Lake Geneva, then dine on our catch in the evening.

Perhaps after that we could take in the city’s spooky ghost tour as night falls.

Next day I could abandon him to find out about history with a feminine perspective on a special ladies’ tour.
I could do that in the Swiss cities of Basel, Geneva, Winterthur and Zug on other occasions too.

Now it’s your turn. Take a moment to Discover Swiss "Pearls" for yourself and let me know which you’d go for if you had the chance.



Joanne Olivieri said...

Riding a cow, now that is something I have never done but I love challenges.

Jena Isle said...

Switzerland is one place I had always wanted to visit. Perhaps someday - wisful

Unknown said...

Joanna - Thanks for your comment, Do let us know how you found it if you get there before me.

Unknown said...

Jena - thanks for yours too. Here's hoping you'll get the wherewithall and get there one day.

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