Wednesday 15 June 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Beaulieu River From Exbury Gardens


Sharkbytes (TM) said...

Wow- That is one beautiful sight! Now I want to go hiking again, right now!

Russ said...

WOW! What a beautiful picture. I agree it would be a wonderful place to hike.

Unknown said...

Thanks Joan and Russ. The hike was all around the beautiful gardens with a wild riverside walk at the end. A wonderful contrast to the gorgeous colours of the garden in May. It's quite extensive and we were walking, or rather ambling and chatting, for about two and a half hours.

Anne S. said...

Hello, I stumbled onto your blog and would love to use your gorgeous photo of Beaulieu River in my blog that I write about living in England.
Our family visited Beaulieu and Bucklers Hard and I didn't have my camera! May I use it?

Thank you so much,

Unknown said...

Happy for you to use it Anne, if you give me credit with a link to my blog.

I've made a return visit to you now and love your blog.

Anne S. said...

Wonderful, thank you so much for permission to use the photo! Your blog is great, I am so glad I found it. Thank you for visiting mine.

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