Tuesday 10 January 2012

A Versatile Blogger

I have to thank Marc Latham for nominating this blog for a Versatile Blog award.  Marc’s blog is about a style or kind of poetry that he invented – Folding Mirror Poetry.  I first met Marc at Writelink. In the past he has been kind enough to publish a couple of my own attempts at the folding mirror poetry structure, and he includes a link to this blog in his side bar.   I love visiting his blog to read his poems, and the explanations of how they came about. I’m delighted that he received The Versatile Blog award for his own site, and really honoured that he selected mine as another recipient. Thanks a million, Marc. 

According to the requirements of the award I should now:

• Nominate 15 other bloggers
• Inform my nominees
• Share 7 random facts about myself
• Thank those who nominated me
• Add a picture of the award to this post.

Now I know that some bloggers find responding to awards a chore that they just can’t find time for. So I don’t want anyone to feel they have to accept and comply.  Here are the 15 other bloggers I’ve chosen just to let them know that I really appreciate and recommend their blogs.

http://apostcardaday.blogspot.com/ - I learn a lot from this blog. The author gives fascinating facts about the views on the postcards. Sometimes I recognise them and am able to supplement her comments, and they can bring back lovely memories from down the years.

http://www.buckrob.com/ - life as seen by an old timer like me, but living very differently in another country. I particularly enjoy reading about his generous sponsorship of children in South America, and the holidays he takes to visit them.

http://myqualityday.blogspot.com/ - another writer’s blog that I really enjoy. It’s so versatile, you never know what you’re likely to be reading about. Great photos too. She has other blogs as well, and I can thoroughly recommend her e-book, News from Dead Mule Swamp, as a darn good read.

http://annasadornments.blogspot.com/ - a very versatile blogger, writer and maker of delightful jewellery.

http://www.rvcruisinglifestyle.blogspot.com/ - the versatility here is visiting so many different places.  It’s the story of a wonderful life on the road, catching up with family and friends on the way, and getting to see so many wonderful places to share on the blog.

http://eastcoastlife.blogspot.com/ - a blog about many aspects of Singapore, where I lived for a couple of years in the dim and distant past.  It’s great to get glimpses of familiar sights and to see how much it has changed, with yet another view of lif3e in a distant part of the world.

http://photographybykml.blogspot.com/ - another must visit blog for me, with a new photo and explanation each time it is updated.

http://livingthegourmet.blogspot.com/ - mmm, those gorgeous food pics accompanying easy to follow recipes: a versatile cook indeed.

http://fullet-secretforest.blogspot.com/ - this one is based in Spain, Catalan in fact. But I can’t fault the bloggers English, and I’m green with envy over his holiday break in Paris.

http://john-sealander.blogspot.com/ - another of my favourites who updates daily, so I often have to read several posts to catch up. And it’s always a pleasure. John has a knack for making the mundane aspects of  life seem riveting.

http://jean-livingsimple.blogspot.com/ - another Jean, who writes about the birds that visit her garden, and captures the most fantastic photos of them.

http://poeticshutterbug.blogspot.com/ - another great photographer, and traveller based in San Fransisco.

http://writingnag.blogspot.com/ - this is where I go sometimes when I’m looking for inspiration. I always find something here that will set my mind off and wake up the muse.

http://bobscotney.blogspot.com/ - Bob’s Home for Writing is as versatile as a writer’s blog should be. Lots of research goes into it, and there is always something fascinating to read.

Here are the seven facts I choose to reveal about myself.

1                     I started blogging here nearly four years ago.

2                     I also have another blog over at Writelink.

3                     I think more people read my blogs than anything else I write.

4                     I have quite a large portfolio of articles at Constant Content.

5                     I was born in Torquay, the Queen of the English Riviera.

6                     When I was 34, I went back to education for five years and got my degree as a mature student when my own children were 16 and 10.

7                     As a teenager, my passions were horses and writing. I still love horses although I don’t ride these days, and the writing goes on for ever.


Carolina Esguerra Colborn said...

Thanks for nominating my blog!

Unknown said...

Dear Jakill,
Thank you for thinking of me! I am honoured that you call me a writer! Warms the heart.
Best wishes & hugs,

Joanne Olivieri said...

What a wonderful surprise. Thank you so much my friend for the award. It does mean so much to me especially coming from you.

I wish you the best of health, happiness and prosperity in this new year.


John Sealander said...

Thanks so much for nominating me! Even though I'm one of those who can never find the time to nominate 15 more people and keep the award alive, I really appreciate the thought.

I visit here often and am glad to see that many of your favorite blogs are my favorites as well.

All my best,


Sharkbytes said...

Jean- Thanks so much for the award, and I'll "accept" it when I finish the "best of" series. I like your revelations, and I also read all of the blogs you mentioned except one, and I'm off to visit it right now.

I'll also look at your other blog.

Bob Scotney said...

Thanks for nominating me Jean. I see from the note you left me that I've had the 'versatile' before.

J. M. P. said...

Thank you, Jean! I know many of the blogs you mention and I feel honoured to have mine among them. It was nice to know some facts about you and your blogs.

Robin said...

Thanks for including me - it's much appreciated. Hopefully, I can find the time to pass this on to others.

All the best,

Unknown said...

Carol - You deserve it.

Anna - So do you and thanks for the good wishes and hugs, whcih are reciprocated.

John - You're welcome and deserving too.

Joan - thanks for this comment. I've now added a writelink link to the post.

Bob - obviously I'm not the only one who thinks you're versatile.

Robin - don't worry if you can't find the time. This post took me ages and I was fortunate to have enough time on the day.

Unknown said...

Jo - I didn't mean to leave you out of my last comment. Yours got stuck on my comment moderation page for some reason. Thanks you for your best wishes and, of course, I wish all that for you too.

jeanlivingsimple said...

Thanks Jean for the nomination! I regret that I must work full and just don't have the time to full honor this award.


Another Jean.:)

Sharkbytes said...

Jean- I picked up my award today! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Jean - thanks for letting me know. Keep up the good blogging.

Joan - I've seen your post now. Brilliant, of course.

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