Tuesday 31 January 2012

A Writer's Life

It was bitterly cold this morning. When I went out with Jade first thing, half a dozen of my neighbours were scraping ice off their cars. One woman said she was wondering if it would snow, but I think it’s too cold for that. We might see some if the temperature lifts a little. Here’s what our back yard looked like when it snowed last year.

It seemed just as cold when we took Jade for a longer walk along the side of Holes Bay after lunch. It’s part of our routine to take her out then before we run errands, and then I can get back to work. We separated with me walking Jade and hubby going to the shops to keep it really short today,  as I was pushed for time and it was so cold. I looked like an eskimo with my coat’s fur edged hood up over a woolly cap with a small brim that stops the hood falling down into my eyes.

Jade doesn’t seem to mind the cold at all. I’ve been thinking of getting her clipped because her coat has got so ragged and lots of mud comes indoors on her fur. But I won’t do it in this weather. I think I need to buy a coat for her anyway.

I spent this morning finding out everything I could about Floriade 2012 before I could start writing. I found  huge amount of information on the official website which I transferred in my own words to four mind maps as there was far too much for just one. I find this is the best way to take notes and then I cross them off as I fit them into the jigsaw of a unique article. When I finished writing this afternoon, I had 200 words too many so I had to do some significant pruning. But I got it submitted at roughly the right length before it was time to cook our supper. I hope the editors at Constant Content accept it straight away as they did the last one. Lately they’ve been getting very pernickety and some of my pieces have come back for changes to be made. I suppose we authors shouldn’t complain as they should ultimately make our work more saleable.

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