Friday 27 January 2012

The Dutch Bulbfields

This weekend I'll be writing about flowers in the Netherlands, having claimed two articles from a Constant Content writer pool. This is a fairly new feature at CC, for which they have set some categories for groups (or pools) of authors to be involved in. Authors have to meet certain criteria to be eligible to apply for them, and submit some content to be vetted before they are accepted. I applied for a few categories and was accepted for all of them. It means that, along with the other writers in each of my pools, I am fed the article requests in those categories. As soon as an author claims an article, the request is taken down, and the author must submit the article to meet the deadline. We can claim up to three articles at a time. Good idea, don't you think?

You have to be quick to claim them though. I was lucky that some interesting ones were available when I was close to finishing my commissioned work for this month. Although I'll have to work the weekend, I'm hoping to be able to take a couple of days off writing before I start my February jobs next week.

This article research reminds me of the very first holiday I took with the man who was eventually to become my second husband. We took a coach tour of the bulbfields and some of the other sights of the country in April. There weren't many bulbfields left in evidence on the roadside, but we chose to abandon the coach in Amsterdam one day, as I wanted to visit the Rijksmuseum. After that we had to take a train to Leiden and a bus back to Noordvijk and out hotel. From the train we had an endless vista of unharvested bulbfields, so we did better than our companions on the coach.

Pic is by Deepak from Wikimedia Commons


Laane said...


Holland doesn't excist. There are two counties: North-Holland and South-Holland,but nowhere a country with that name.

My country is called: The Netherlands.

Have a nice weekend.

Sharkbytes said...

so clean and primary! I'd love to see them. Of course, Holland, Michigan in the spring is quite beautiful.

Unknown said...

Laane: many thanks for clarifying that. I don't want to upset anyone so I'll change my post.

Joan: they really do make a wonderful sight.

Paola said...

Lovely, Jean. We visited the Keukenhof when the kids were small ( - absolutely stunning. I do miss pretty flowers!

Unknown said...

Thanks Paola. Sounds like it's a good thin you are able to travel around a bit while you are in Bangladesh.

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