Friday 18 May 2012

British Gas Again

It seems no-one managed to find the howler on the British Gas advert.

So I'll just have to point it out.

See the three parachutes? The bottom one is titled Boiler and Central Heating, with a spanner. In the middle is Plumbing, with a plunger. At the top is Drains, with a Stilsons wrench.

Now would you fix a drain with a Stilsons wrench? Wouldn't you use a plunger to unblock it? And what would you use a Stilsons pipe wrench for, if not the pipes in your plumbing?

Get it, now?


suzy doodling said...

You know your gadgets Jean. Maybe you should tell them and they'll knock something off your bill.

Unknown said...

Now there's an idea - except I don't actually use them. Perhaps someone else can benefit that way.

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