Monday 28 May 2012

My Life by Jade: a Watery Story

My mummy has finally twigged that I don't want to drink water from a great big china bowl that belonged to some other dog. I'm only little and I want a little water bowl. I used to ignore the water indoors and wait till I could go in the garden and find a puddle in the bottom of a plant pot holder or some such. In the mornings I'd try and catch some of the water mummy was pouring on her plants as well.

Of course in recent days it's been very hot. The sun has dried up all the puddles around and the plants have sucked up as much as they can. Mummy put the big water bowl outside for me. She still couldn't understand that I didn't want to have to drink out of that. But since the big bowl was outside, she had to find something else to put down with water indoors, so she used the small tin dinner dish my food used to be served in.

I lapped it up. It doesn't hold much water but I don't need to drink much at one time, and she can always fill it up for me again.

Mummy knows what to put my water in now. It's about time. I've been trying to tell her I don't like the big bowl for ages.


Linda D said...

Tea in a delicate porcelain cup tastes completely different from the same brew in a thick china mug, so I'm not surprised that Jade has strong views on how she likes her water to be served. She's obviously a very refined lady!

Unknown said...

That's very astute of you, Linda.

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