Monday 21 May 2012

My Life - by Jade: Feeling Better

Yippee!. Mummy let me off-lead today so I could run around a bit on a wide open space.

I've been under doctor' orders to rest for two weeks at least because my leg hurt and made me limp. Even after it stopped hurting I still wasn't allowed to go further than the top of the park for my toilet, and at home all my toys were taken away and I wasn't allowed to run in the garden. Every time I jumped up with my front legs on the cupboard top where my toys were, Mummy told me to get down and be good. I think I've lost weight because it's no fun eating my kibble from my bowl instead of Mummy throwing it for me to chase.

But today Mummy called the dog doctor and he said I can start going out for exercise again. And she gave me a ball to play with indoors. Actually I'm not used to all this exercise now and I'm tired. So I'm going to have a snooze in my bed behind Mummy while she is on the computer.


Rebecca Emin said...


John Sealander said...

I'm glad that Jade is feeling better...

Unknown said...

Thanks John and Rebecca.

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