Friday 9 January 2015

Holiday Activities

You may think it's a bit late to be discussing what we did over the holiday, but it's good to look back, and I haven't really had time before now. The days were deliberately planned to be busy, and I didn't have time to be morbid.

I drove north to London and arrived on my daughter's last day of working as a childminder. She then had two whole weeks of days off, and I stayed for all of them. Every morning we went for long walks with our two dogs. Jade just adores going out with Rafi and gets lots more exercise than she ever does when I take her out on my own. The first pic was taken in Richmond Park on Boxing Day morning, when the two of them were taking a break from galloping around. When one of them goes, the other soon follows, and this was a rare opportunity to catch them being relatively still.

Eryn and her Uncle Sye were on the roadway that follows the line of trees. They were taking turns on the new skateboard that was one of Eryn's Christmas presents. Although there weren't any cars, there were lots of people on bikes so we opted to leave them to it and take the dogs round the off-road loops.

The afternoon of Christmas Eve we had left  them in the house so we could take the half hour train journey to London to visit the Christmas market on the South Bank and see the spectacular Christmas lights in the West End. A couple of days later we left them again to go and see the Wizard of Oz panto in Epsom. It was full of good, clean fun and we were really impressed as usual. We've found that The Epsom Playhouse always puts on a great panto that we often enjoy much more than more expensive ones with big names in them. As well as their professionals they also recruit local talent, and some of the little munchkins were known to Eryn and her mum.

The following day we had a visit from my stepdaughter and her son,  exchanged more presents, and had yet more fun. The day after that it was off to the coast to see more of the extended family and have a bracing walk on the beach at Ferring near Worthing, which the dogs appreciated as well, although they wouldn't stand still long enough to capture them on film. You can see how lucky we were with the weather that day. Even the wind went elsewhere.

Other days were filled with catching up with different friends over lunch, and we had one  evening at a pub with a couple of  other families, where I met, by chance, one of my hubby's old drinking mates from years ago. I drove home with Jade on Tuesday and we have now settled back into routine. All the above seems like a lovely dream I'll keep in mind till the next time.

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Sharkbytes said...

Days filled with good times and happy hearts is a great prescription!

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