Monday 12 January 2015

In the Deep of the Night

It's 5 am here and I'm not usually working on my laptop at this time of the morning, but after Jade woke me at 2.30 needing to go out, I just couldn't get back to sleep. Jade came upstairs again with me after her toilet break - her night time bed is next to mine in the bedroom - but as soon as we'd settled down and I turned out the light, she hotfooted back downstairs again. It seemed that the call of her favourite bed on the floor of the dining area was greater than being with her mum. This is unusual and it bothered me. I kept wondering if she was ok, but thought she'd let me know if there was a real problem.

It was probably my own fault. Jade usually goes out after 10 pm before we get ready for bed, but last night I was dog tired and could hardly keep my eyes open. Soon after eight, I took her out to the public green next to our house, then went to bed at an unheard of early hour. I was probably asleep before nine. Don't think I'll be making that mistake again.

After reading some more of North Country Cache, at 3.15, I took a Rescue Night Melt and sprayed my pillow with lavender sleep therapy, but nothing helped me to drop off. Eventually I gave up and came down to find Jade curled up and sleeping on the aforementioned favourite bed. I cooked some rice ready for her breakfast - she's still on her diet so doesn't get her Hills until the evening. I did some ironing and then remembered I hadn't written my blog post yesterday. I made some hot chocolate and buttered some bread, which woke Jade up as so she could ponce her share (so much for the diet). Now here we are. Time has moved on and it's nearly 5.20. My alarm will go off as usual at 7.15. I wonder if I can sleep again for an hour or so.


Sharkbytes said...

Nights like that are the pits. At least you managed to be a little productive.

Paola said...

Jean, I sympathise! I have been an early waker for years! If it's five o'clock, I don't mind, I consider that it's morning; anything earlier is really not acceptable...but it happens. have you ever tried yoga nodra, or 'waking sleep'? It's a sort of meditation that you listen to for half ann hour, and you drift in and out if sleep. You come out of it feeling refreshed. I find it's great after a bad night.

Unknown said...

Thanks Paola. I'll look into that. Thankfully it doesn't happen very often and I've had good nights since. But I do occasionally have a sleep problem.

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