Wednesday 14 January 2015

Projects and Dog Walks

I currently have two projects on the go in tandem. One is to clear everything out of the converted garage, which is currently used as my office plus a general glory hole for things that don't have a home elsewhere. My aim is to change it into a bedroom that I can use when I don't want to go upstairs. Eventually I will move my computer and a few files into the alcove in the kitchen/diner sthat used to be the kitchen before the back extension was added. This also means putting in an additional indow to get some light in there. I have the window and just need to find a builder to put in  a lintel and fit it for me.

The second project is to remove my late husband's belongings from the house. Of course this will need decisions made about what keepsakes I can't bear to part with. Today I found all his plastic cards and cut them up, just keeping the driving licence which I can now send back to DVLC together with the paper copy. Shirts are now out of our shared wardrobe, all folded nicely and in piles on the bed in the little bedroom. I'm waiting for a stepdaughter to let me know if any of them would be welcomed by her partner who is the most likely person they might fit. My son is talking about doing a car boot sale as he says men's clothes are in demand. But I can't leave it too long and may just end up taking them to a charity shop.

Both of these projects I find very daunting, so I've been procrastinating for days, but at last have started to get into them. I'm already finding many things I thought had been lost for years. One was my son's Government Gateway access details which we couldn't find last January so that he could submit his tax return. Of course those are now all changed, so I hope I can find them again in the next day or so!

The pic is of hubby with Jade in 2012 during our holiday in Cornwall. Fortunately I do have to take time off from my projects to go out with Jade. Today we bumped into a friend also dog walking and did the country park circuit together. It made a pleasant change to have company again and chat as we walked. The dogs got extremely muddy and Jade had to go in the shower when we got home, although I only washed her legs and belly. She was really good about it and hopped into the downstairs shower cubicle and stood there really patiently while I knelt outside and reached in to shampoo the offending areas and then rinse them. Her white bits are white again now.


Sharkbytes said...

Always a difficult project to face. Just take it at whatever speed you can manage. What? A dog that likes to be cleaned up!

Unknown said...

I don't think Jade likes it really, Joan. She just tolerates it, really. I have to say that after today's walk there's quite a bit of grit caught in her belly fur again. Hopefully I can get it out with the brush, but she's not so cooperative that she will roll onto her back when the brush comes out. We'll see.

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