Friday 13 January 2012

My Life by Jade - 3

 I love playing tag with birds. It's great fun, but I can't understand why they never let me catch them. They always fly off just before I get to them.

I don't think mummy told you about the adventure I had before Christmas. We were walking by Poole harbour in Hamworthy Park, right past the spot where you can see Eryn and her Uncle Sye in the picture. They weren't there on that day though, but I saw some birds sitting at the endof the little stone pier. So I ran out there to play tag with them. I was concentrating so hard, honestly, I didn't hear mummy calling me to come back.

When I got near, those silly birds flew off, and I saw I was getting close to the end, but I was going so fast I wasn't sure I could stop. I sat down and tried to dig my paws in but I just kept skidding on, and I was right - I couldn't stop. I skidded right over the end and into the cold water.  I've never swum before, but I learnt how to do it that day. The trouble was, I couldn't get out as the pier was too high and the waves kept pushing me about. I did catch a glimpse of mummy looking very frightened, then I realised that daddy had run after me and he got right down on the ground so his arm would reach my collar and he pulled me up onto the pier.

I was so happy I ran right back to mummy before I shook most of that water out of my hair. I think daddy was bit cross as he told mummy to put me on the lead, but she said I had to keep running around to get warm again  until we got back to the car.

Anyway it was quite an adventure, don't you agree? But I don't think I'll run out on that pier again as long as I remember it.

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Catherine said...

Dear Jean, Don't these little ones just tug at your heart. I love that you speak for your little one. I do the same thing. My little dog is just sunshine in my life. I thank the Dear Lord for him each day. Blessings, Catherine xo

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