Saturday 28 July 2012

Deadlines and the Olympics

I'm having to write my Friday post today because yesterday's plans were scuppered when a deadline was brought forward. I even had to be be bright eyed and bushy tailed quite early this morning to meet it by lunchtime.

And that was after staying up late to watch the Olympics' Opening Ceremony, which was mind blowing to say the least. Only a few pics of it have found their way to Wikimedia Commons as yet but here's one that goes quite a way to capturing the spectacle by Matt Lancashire .

and here's a link to more by the professionals. These include one supposedly of the Queen parachuting in from a helicopter with James Bond.

I don't think any of us will think of her in quite the same way after her little film debut for the occasion. She really is a amazing for her age. I thought she looked very fetching in her pastel peach. Much better than some of the overpowering colours they often put her in.


Linda D said...

I agree about the opening ceremony - it was brilliant and very British!

Unknown said...

Yes. It certainly was, Linda. And now we are seeng the amazing feats that follow it.

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