Monday 2 July 2012

My Life by Jade: Holidays, Birthdays and Weather

I got really wet going out today. This is me afterwards when Mummy bundled me up with a dry towel  before she fetched the hairdryer. She gets especially worried about my ears because they stay wet for a long time even if she does try and blow them dry.

But last week was different. We were on holiday at Jules and Eryn’s house and I met lots of different people, especially children. 

Last Thursday we were at Eryn’s 9th birthday party in the park and there were 14 children there and some of their Mummys as well. I had a ball because they all wanted to pet me and play with me, and they fed me with chicken nuggets from the birthday picnic. But they wouldn’t let me have any birthday cake because it was a chocolate one. It would have been a bit fairer if they had made a meaty one, but that’s humans for you. Actually my Mummy said I got over-excited because I was a bit sick after eating all those chicken nuggets and running around so much, but I did have a lovely time.

The sun shone that day and it was quite hot but we had a nice shady spot under a big tree where I could lie down when I got tired. It’s amazing how the weather has changed. It’s quite chilly in the house today, so I’m glad Mummy has covered me up to have my nap. I’d better do that now and perhaps, when I wake up, all my fur will have dried off properly.


Writing Nag said...

such a cute puppy! sounds like you had a wonderful time at the party!

Unknown said...

We sure did, Writing Nag. Thanks for your visit and for taking time to comment.

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