Friday 13 July 2012

Torch Relay

I stood in line with my camera as the Olympic Torch Relay passed through our area today. I managed to get  a place on a grass bank so I was above most people's heads but I didn't have much hope of getting good pics. First came the sponsor's vehicles and the Samsung one must change it's side panel for every location.

 There were lots of police of course, many of them local but some of the vehicles were from the Met (London's Metropolitan force). Their side panels referred to London 2012. 

The torch finally came through just a few minutes after it was due, supposedly held up by one Balázs Kunos, a 38 year old from Budapest, who looked much younger than that jogging by with his minders. I managed to get 2 pics of him from where I was standing. I include them both here because, while the second one shows more of the bearer, in the first one you can see the flame a little better. Unfortunately, when I cropped them I found that they are not well focused. Never mind. It's a day to remember.


Paola said...

What fun! A historic occasion...

Anonymous said...

Glad you got to see the torch. I couldn't make it when it came to my area. Have got tickets to see the synchronised swimming - so looking forward to that.

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