Friday 6 July 2012

A Woman's Work in Retirement

It's one of those days. This morning I had to get my head around a judgement in a professional negligence case - all written in legal jargon, of course - so I could write about it. There's wet paint in my dining room which has to be traversed to get to the front door from the kitchen or my office, and I'm paranoid that the dog will get stuck to it, so I have half an eye on her all the time.

When it was time to take her out after lunch it was raining and along with some badly needed fresh air, we both got a bit of a drenching. The picture shows the path we took along the edge of Holes Bay. We didn't have that sunshine today though, just misty rain that got us pretty wet.

Now we're back and I've had to research intelligent lighting systems to write a web page about them. Unfortunately, I also had a broken night, more broken than usual, that is, so I've now stated to feel rather tired. Don't think I'm going to get this page finished today so I've given up for now.

There's a pile of ironing waiting for attention and it'll soon be time to get a meal for myself and my two hungry men (husband who's been painting, and son who is still out at work). Oh dear. Even a semi-retired  woman's work is never done.


Glynis Peters said...

Worn out just reading about your day, Jean! :)

Sharkbytes said...

Sorry about your sleep issues. That always makes me feel crappy.

Stacie said...

Hope you catch up on some sleep soon.

Unknown said...

Glynis - I don't always get that tired. I did have some 'me time' last Saturday. Will post about it soon.

Joan - it's not that bad every night Joan, but I usually have bathroom trips once or twice.

Stacie - so do I.

Thanks everyone for visiting and taking time to comment.

Paola said...

Jean, have you ever tried meditation to help with sleep problems?

Unknown said...

Hi Paola. I haven't tried meditation. But it's not normally sleep problems. Just my bladder pushing me out of bed a couple of times a night. But that night both hubby and I were woken by the dog barking at a noise outside. After we talked about it and decided it was nothing to worry about, it took me ages to get back to sleep.

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