Tuesday 20 January 2015

Three Generation Selfie

I'm not a great fan of selfies, but I think this one, taken by Eryn, works quite well. The five of us were on the beach at Ferring near Worthing, a few days after Christmas in bright sunny weather. I'm the on on the right, next to my daughter. She is next to her Auntie Hazel, sister of my first late husband. Finally we have a good friend of Hazel's. The only ones missing from this still are the dogs. We mostly had the beach to ourselves and all enjoyed the walk and finding our way over or around all the groins. Eryn thought it was great, and was as energetic as the dogs, shedding her coat while the rest of us needed to stay bundled up.


Sharkbytes said...

I think that one works really well, and I'm finding that even though pictures like this are posed and static, many years later people like to see them because they can really identify the individuals and see them together.

Unknown said...

That's right Joan. I must start taking my camera out with me more.

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