Wednesday 3 April 2013

My Life by Jade: Sharing Homes & Family

I had a visitor this weekend. He was a very bumptious pup called Rafi. Not only did I have to let him stay in my house, I also had to put up with him trying to get me to play with him. I don’t play with dogs. I just like playing with my family. He was so annoying when he kept sniffing me and bumping me and jumping around me, but I was very good and tolerated most of it. When I’d really had enough I’d just give a low growl and he got nervous and backed off. I even let him rest in my bed, but when he picked up one of my chewy bones I saw red and chased him out of the room. I also got my own back a bit when we were outside in the garden and he wanted to come in, because I stood in the doorway and looked mean so he was scared to come past me.

Actually I had met him before because he has gone to live with Eryn and her mum. I got a real shock when I went to their house recently with my mummy. I mean, there was this little upstart living in my second home. Well, how would you feel if you suddenly had to share your home and family with someone new?

What I did like though, was when we all went out for walks together. Rafi didn’t just concentrate on me then, but we had a great time running around with Eryn and her best friend who came to stay as well, They do seem to do more running and jumping than my mummy and daddy do.

One day when the sun was shining we took the cars to Tyneham  (my mummy has blogged about that before) and walked down a long lane to Worbarrow Bay, which was a very beautiful beach.

 Rafi was so silly; he followed a big dog right into the sea and couldn’t get back, so his mummy had to go in and grab him back. She got a bit wet and she was cross. So she borrowed my long lead for bit and stopped Rafi going too far.  But after his wetting he didn’t seem too inclined to go in again.

I don’t go in the sea; ever since I fell in when I was little myself, I keep a healthy distance from it. I feel really sorry for all those dogs who have to swim after a ball that their mummy  or daddy has thrown in expecting them to bring them back. I never bring balls back even when they are thrown on land.  I do like to chase them but I don’t see why I have to take them back to mummy. She keeps saying she’d like to teach me to fetch, but doesn’t know how. I just think if she wants to take a ball home she can go and get it herself.

Of course after we’ve been out we have to have a sleep, and thank goodness our couch is plenty big enough for both of us. The house is very quiet now because he and Eryn and that part of my family went home. I’m not sure I like it so quiet, but it is nice to have my mummy to myself again.     


Linda D said...

What a sensible dog Jade is! It's far too cold to go swimming, and fetching and carrying for those humans will only make them lazy. I'm sure Rafi will learn a lot from her!

aw said...

How matrue and world-wise Jade now looks alongside Rafi, Jean. She has come a long way.

Unknown said...

So right Linda. No chance to be lazy when Jade is around. I have just finished throwing her science diet nuts around the kitchen floor for her to chase and eat. She still refuses to eat them straight from her bowl, although she gulps down the scraps I put on top of them. But feeding time has to be playtime as well.

Unknown said...

Ann - I suppose Jade is getting wise in her two year old age. She certainly knows how to get around me.

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