Saturday 13 April 2013

Spring to Summer

The weather is so atrocious at the moment, everyone is complaining about it. I got so wet taking Jade out this afternoon that I had to change my clothes when I got in. Jade's back was dry as it had been under  her coat but her face and ears were soaked . She is in her cosy bed wrapped up in towels and has had the electric fan heater aimed at her ears, which always take for ever to get dry.

I decided to cheer myself up by thinking back to last  summer's some what warmer weather. Here I am with Eryn and friend admiring the lovely petunias and an interesting dragon in a quiet corner of Seaton.


aw said...

Lovely flowers and a very delicate looking dragon, Jean. We saw a colourful one in Colchester last summer, created in carpet bedding. afraid the wet weather has hit most of us this weekend again. They do say we'll have some wam weather soon. Give the garden and chance to catch up, I hope.

Paola said...

Precious family time! I hope the weather improves for you soon...I wish I could ship you ten extra degrees from here!

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