Monday 8 April 2013


I've had, for me, quite a long hard day out of the house, ending with a long drawn out meeting that meant  driving home through the  Bournemouth and Poole rush hour and arriving only just in time to cook a meal for  the lads and myself. This is my excuse for the lack of a scintillating post to start the week.

I browsed my photos, as is my wont when searching for inspiration, and came across this one which I took at Sandbanks late on a January afternoon when a storm was threatening. So this is instead of words. Make of it what you will.


Bob Scotney said...

The lull before the storm; so peaceful - but!

jeanlivingsimple said...

Jean, I could get lost in that peaceful photo. Outstanding shot!

Linda D said...

I didn't see the storm, just tranquillity and sunshine! (I know - I can be annoyingly optimistic at times!)

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