Tuesday 16 April 2013

Summer Photography

Scrolling through my photos from last summer, I came across this one, which I'm pretty sure is of Sidmouth beach. I decided to share it because I like the composition so much - the curve of the shore and the rule of thirds obvious with one third pebbly foreground, one third sky, and the centre third full of detail. Probably all completely coincidental as I don't have all that in mind when I'm snapping.

You may or may not now that the beaches of East Devon are all pebbly like this. Exmouth is not far from here, and is the first of the sandy beaches of South Devon, which also has some pebbly coves and some with a mix of sand and stone.


Julia Hones said...

What a beautiful picture. I'd love to be there.

Tim Cray said...

The season of summer is perhaps nearly everyone’s favorite; the sun is shining, people go on vacation, and most simply spend more time enjoying the outdoors.

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